Why is a H2 Header Tag for SEO important? 

Most people today use the internet frequently. I immensely enjoy the vast array of information that is available to me with only a few keystrokes. A few keystrokes is the key (no pun intended) to that positive relationship, however. When websites correctly utilize H2 Header Tags, they direct more applicable traffic to their web content and keep it clean and easy to navigate. Once the targeted traffic is at the website, the Header Tags organize portions of the website and encourage a particular action (whether that be reading to learn or form an opinion, buying something, hiring a service, reviewing a product, etc.)
Everybody wins in this situation, as the impatient web searcher is able to quickly discover a website that meets their needs and the website in question is able to attract people who are legitimately interested in their services or products. H1 and H2 Header Tags each allow the reader to quickly scan the content available for relevancy and further read and pursue the sections they require.
A business looking to develop a website should spend some time carefully considering the keywords they would like to include in their Header Tags, as both H1 and H2 Header tags are analyzed by search engines when they generate results for a term. It would be prudent for a company to research keywords within their field to find words or phrases that are searched more often by their desired audience but that have a limited amount of competition. This competition refers to the use by other web pages of the same keyword. If the competition is also using those main keywords, it makes it more difficult to outrank them.
Programs like Google Adwords can help web developers choose keywords that are searched often, which helps web developers know what words are more likely to generate more hits if they are used in H1 and H2 Header Tags. The HTML commands associated with H1 and H2 Header Tags underline the most essential content on the website, which draws search hits, attracts the attention of readers, and provides better SEO for the web page in general.

What do H1 and H2 Header Tag for SEO do? 

The H2 Header Tag for SEO does multiple positive things for the article and the website on which the information is displayed. Basically, a well-written H2 Header Tag for SEO could generate a fairly large portion of the traffic that a website is able to enjoy. 
Search engines transfer information under the assumption that H1 and H2 Header Tags are indicators of information that is most relevant to the theme of the website. Primary keywords for a webpage should be given an H1 Header Tag, and any secondary keywords can be denoted as H2 Header Tags. All Header Tags will be more useful for generating traffic to a website if they appear early on in the content as search engines analyze the early portions of a website when they generate results.

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