What Are SEO Forums Good For?

Remember that old Edwin Starr song, “War, huh, what is it good for?” Absolutely nothing went the refrain. And Elaine Benis on Seinfeld made it even more popular in the 1990s, when the original song was recorded in 1969.

Well, today we could just as well as, “SEO forums, huh, what are they good for?”

Absolutely a lot, goes this refrain.

SEO forums are great places to meet new people who share a common interest in learning to market themselves, their businesses, and their products online, particularly through the search engines.

What many webmasters find helpful about SEO forums is the ability to connect with like-minded individuals who are not competing with them and who have nothing to gain from them. They can make fair and even exchanges of information about search engine optimization strategies that are mutually beneficial. And no one gets hurt.

Many people meet lifelong friends through SEO forums. Many more find business partners. Or they get a job or offer a job to someone else.

You’ll find that many expert SEOs freely share their knowledge through SEO forums whereas they may charge normal customers a consultation fee. This is a great opportunity for novice webmasters to learn how to perform essential SEO functions without having to pay hefty consultation fees or fees for educational classes. Some of those fees run in the thousands of dollars for run-of-the-mill SEO advice.

People in SEO forums also share information related to web design and other online marketing strategies not related to SEO specifically. These can include online public relations, monetization strategies, PPC tactics, social media marketing, web design principles, e-commerce, web hosting, and other online business topics.

Another benefit to hanging out in SEO forums is that you can be the first know about new tactics and news that affect members of the online community who have an interest in SEO.

Many online journalists, professional SEOs, and other online marketers frequent the SEO forums to learn from each other and to share their knowledge. If a new strategy or tactic has been tried successfully you will often find out about that through an SEO forum or community where members are the first to know about such changes. When the search engines change their algorithms, the first people to find out are the top-tier professionals who keep an eye on those changes. And where do they first share their new knowledge. Two places: Their blog and the SEO forums where they are members.

When you want to stay informed of the latest best practices and strategies related to effective search engine optimization, try the SEO forums that are frequented by professionals who work in online marketing every day.

By Allen Taylor

Contributing Editor for Website Stars

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