Use Facebook to help build your Traffic Flow

Google Marketing is huge as online businesses fight for the right to make it to the first page of Google search results. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and the competition is off the hook. With so many users trying to get their advertising on Google’s first page, sometime of the smaller businesses fall short and make it to only the third or fourth page making it even harder for your business to thrive.

There are many Build my Rank type programs out there to help increase traffic flow by increasing your chances of being on the first page, but there is also another way to increase traffic flow; Facebook Marketing. Like Google Facebook has a search page in which over 440,000,000 million people use on a daily basis. With those statistics why not start using Face book.
Facebook is a great Marketing tool, but you creating a page will not bring people to your site, you have to reach for your dreams by using simple marketing strategies. Here are four Marketing strategies for using Facebook to bring users to your website:

Host a Contest
People love the thrill of possibly winning something for free and with 440,000,000 million people on Facebook every day, what better way of getting people to your website than to host a contest in which one lucky contestant will win something. This simple strategy ultimately brings people to your site. Facebook is awesome in the fact that many people can see your post that there is a contest. Once they travel to your Facebook page and click on the link to join the contest, they can be beamed right to your website. Increase in traffic flow? You bet!

Be Unique

Nothing appeals more to an audience than something unique and out of the ordinary. Try to add some personality to your page to keep fans coming back. Keep it upbeat, fun, and personal. Appeal to your audience your trying to reach not just a broad range of people. The awesome thing with Facebook, you can create more than one page for each audience you are trying to capture. The more pages you have, the more people will find you! Does this increase traffic flow? You bet, if your Facebook intrigues your fans, they will definitely want to see your site.

Update, Update, Update

Yeah you have fans, yeah you have likes, but are you getting traffic flow to your Facebook page? If not, you’re probably not getting it to your website either. People want to know what is going on! That is why they are on Facebook in the first place to find out what is going on with friends, family, and yes even their favorite products. Don’t keep your fans waiting, update with promotions, sales, and special events. If you update, people will flock to your website to grab those great deals before product runs out, and might even spot something else their heart desires.

The atmosphere of Facebook is all about community. It is giving people a personal connection to the products they love. One way to engage your audience is to comment on their status, but only when it is relevant to your product. For example someone comments they hate doing laundry, if you are a laundry soap company, you can let them know how easy it is to wash clothes with your product. This is sure to spike interest and send people to your website.
Using Facebook to increase your rank on Google as well as increase your traffic flow is a win-win situation. Though, nothing comes without hard work, the harder you work on your Facebook page, the more success you will have.

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