Title Tag Best Practices For SEO

When it comes to SEO, the Title tag of a web page is one of the most important elements in terms of ranking that page. Most SEOs today agree that the Title tag is extremely important.

So what is a Title tag?

Let’s first say what it is not. The Title tag is NOT your page’s headline. That’s a headline, or page head. The Title tag is an HTML element that appears in the section of your web page document. It appears between the and tags and looks like this:

Title Tag SEO Best Practices

In the above Title tag, the and are the HTML tags that define the text between. Those are the opening and closing syntax of your HTML Title tag. The text between those tags (Title Tag SEO Best Practices) is your web page’s Title tag.

Now, what is the Title tag for?

When a visitor lands on your web page, they will see your title tag in the top of their web browser. In Internet Explorer, it appears on the top left in the blue area of the web browser. If you have multiple tabs open, then you will see the Title tag of a web page in that tab.

When a searcher conducts a web search, they type in their search term in the search engine’s search box. On the search results page they’ll see a list of links with descriptions below them. The blue link that appears in the search results is the Title tag of each page on that results page.

Another place that Title tags appear is in third-party websites such as social media sites when you or a site visitor bookmark the site. Most social media websites pull in the page’s Title tag as the title of the bookmark.

These three things should illustrate the importance of your Title tag. It is used by search engines, web browsers, and social media websites to let people know what a particular web page is all about.

So … about those Title tag best practices

When it comes to SEO, there are three primary factors that you should consider as best practices for writing Title tags that will get your pages ranked well in the search engines. Those three factors are:

  • Relevancy
  • Length
  • Keyword Placement

Relevancey – With regard to relevancy, you want to use a Title tag that uses a keyword relevant to the page you are optimizing for. In other words, ask yourself what phrase you want that page to rank for. Then use that phrase in your Title tag.

Length – The search engines will only display the first 70 characters of your Title tag. Therefore, any more than that is too much. Keep your Title tags to 70 characters or less.

Keyword Placement – Most SEOs agree that the best placement for your keyword phrase is in the first half of your Title tag. The search engines will pay more attention to it there than anywhere else.

These key ranking factors will help you write better Title tags for SEO so keep them in mind.

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