Three steps for Starting Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most well-known social media sites, used by over 440,000,000 million people, of the century. From young to old, people everywhere stay connected using Facebook. Because so many people come to one place for all their social needs, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool great for bringing more visitors to your website.
Facebook has created a place where individuals can stay connected around the globe, and people everywhere take part in this wonderful opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they are. So, why not stay connected with your fans while building your business in a way you never dreamed possible?

If you want to increase traffic flow, here are three steps for starting your Facebook Marketing to bring more visitors to your website:

Start your page

Though many companies see Facebook as a social site and are unsure how to differentiate between business and personal use, Facebook has made it simple to have both. First, you will have to create a personal profile before you are able to create a business page. “Pages” refer to the Facebook business accounts. To create a page, simply click on account setting scroll to the bottom and hit create page. The rest is up to you on how you decide to express your business. Remember, the picture should be a picture of your business logo. To bring more visitors to your site, make sure you include a link to your website where it is noticeable.

Become a Community

The whole aspect of Facebook is socializing. People don’t want advertising posts all over, they want to be engaged. If people feel more personally connected, they are more likely to buy your product. You will be surprised what just a little time of interaction a day can mean for your fans on your Facebook page. You see, your fans already love you, and when they like your page, they do the advertising for you. Make sure they know how appreciated they are!

Have a Contest

Facebook fans love free stuff, but don’t we all? Having a contest or a poll brings more users to your Facebook page in which you can direct right to your online website. Using a contest is a great way to have a link straight to your website where users can register or apply while being able to view your site and the products you offer. This marketing tool is a huge way to get people pouring into your website as well as build your social status on Facebook. Just One click to join your contest, and boom a person flies to your site.
Starting a page on Facebook is not rocket science, however making it effective in the marketing world is the key to making any business thrive. The easiest way to get Facebook to help you build your business is to stay connected to your audience, engage them, make them feel appreciated, and show them a good time. Making a connection is well worth your time if you want users pouring onto your website.

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