Keyword Tags Best Practices for SEO

What is a Keyword Tag for SEO?

If you find yourself in need of increasing your search rankings on the internet, chances are you’ve been doing a lot of research about SEO or search engine optimization. While the topic may look confusing at a glance, much of the strategy behind it comes from the straightforward placement of keyword tags. These are your best friend on the road to increasing your search engine rank.

These keyword tags are embedded within the HTML of your webpage and are considered Metadata. All Metadata is contained in the “head” or top of the document, which is accessed by the search engine. Keeping this portion concise and choosing your keyword tags carefully will allow the search engine’s robots to crawl the page quickly and efficiently to bring the user content that is most relevant to the words or phrases the searcher typed in during their search. To prevent online companies from flooding their Metadata with the same keyword too many times (in order to falsely increase ranking) a search engine may not index the webpage if a word is used too often.

Keyword tags are structured into the HTML document. To see these tags in action, take a look at the example below, for a recipe website:

Cooking With Ease

As you can see, all of the information, including the title and the keywords, are contained within the head. The title is listed first and is followed by the keyword content, which will tell the search engines a most basic overview of what the page’s content contains. The portion of the Meta tag that says “description” will often come up as a small portion of text that the user will see directly below your link in a search engine results page. The “content” portion will be used strictly by the search engine for indexing purposes.

Keep in mind, you must reinforce your keywords within your content, simply plugging them into the head portion and forgetting about them will be little help in improving your ranking amongst competitors who use keywords often and appropriately.

Choosing Keyword Tags for SEO

When selecting keywords, it may help you to first sit down and write a list of words that you think most accurately describe your business or services. Keep in mind, the professional terms you use to describe your business may not be the same phrases searched by an average user trying to find information about it. You can look at the keywords competitors are using to get a general idea.

So why not just use the same words as your competitors? Using keywords that are extremely common makes it much more difficult to rank for a certain phrase or word. In this case, a tool like Google Adwords may be a great starting point. You can type in words or phrases you desire for keyword tags and it will tell you how often these terms are searched, and how competitive they are as keywords. If you can locate ones that have high searches and low to medium competition, they are probably good choices.

This basic overview should help you get started on your road to increasing your search ranking.

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