Find Us on Facebook – What does that Mean to You?

When browsing the web you may notice that most websites and companies have a side widget that says, “Find us on Facebook.” Why do they do this? People do this because Facebook is one of the most popular sites around the world, with hundreds of millions of viewers that log on every single day. When people are looking at reviews of your website, when they are on your website or while they are reading newsletters and emails from your company you want them to see that same box linking to your Facebook fan page.

This is going to take them to your fan page and allow them to like your page. The more people that like your page the more followers you’re going to get, the higher you’re fan page is going to rank with Facebook and Google and the more traffic is going to go to your company website. People will see their friends taking a like to your page and will look at it and maybe like it also, and this continues like a domino effect until the fans are pouring in. You don’t want someone to see an advertisement to find you on Facebook and you only have a handful of fans, so be sure to find fans before putting that widget around the net.

The also beneficial part of having an area where people can link to find you on Facebook is that back linking is one of the best ways to gain traffic to your fan page and to your website. There are going to be people going to your site and people going to your fan page because they saw your widget, and this is going to help you increase your search engine ranking, and show the search engines that your pages and sites are of some importance. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page for your website you need to get one right away, and if you aren’t advertising for people to find you on Facebook you need to start.

Facebook is one of the best free ways to advertise your business, and get the most followers is the only way you can take full advantage of the opportunity. If you aren’t knowledgeable about the site you’re going to want to hire a professional service to set up your Facebook page, and add your widgets all around the net. Our social media managers can create a great fan page for you that is going to keep people interested in your services and products and that will get consumers to your website, while also attracting people on search engines.

If you aren’t putting out advertisement for people to find you on Facebook you need to start. This is an easy way to gain presence on the Internet and to attract the attention of people. Let our professionals get you the exposure that your company needs in order to be successful.

Author: Tonib

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