Facebook Pages Drive In Business, Who’s in Your Drivers Seat?

Facebook is the new way for businesses to drive in traffic to their business website big or small. If you’re a big business or a small family owned shop Facebook could greatly increase your sales and help you target people in the local area. Targeting the right crowd on Facebook especially to a specific geographic can be difficult, and this is why you want to be sure that your page have the right keywords, tags, set up and tools to draw in the traffic that you need.

Monitoring the Facebook page is going to be essential for someone who wants to have a successful presence on the popular social media site. In a recent study 1500 business created a Facebook page that hadn’t had one before, and 48 percent of these businesses recorded that their sales had increased due to their social media presence. For a business that has hired the professionals to do the necessary tasks correctly and daily to increase the traffic visiting their page and then heading to their company website is even higher. Facebook is easy to use but there are some key concepts that you need to understand.

Keyword usage on Facebook is just as important as it is on a website page and content page. You want your page to come up when people search on Facebook and you want it to be a top result for those in your area searching for a certain service so keyword use is crucial. The titles, photo captions, page descriptions and products all need to be filled with keywords but in a casual manner that is easy to read and understand. This could take a lot of work but it’s needed for the site to be successful.

Linking between pages on the Internet is also very important. You need to have links on your Facebook page going to outside sources such as your company or personal website page, and you also need to have outside links on the Internet that take you to the Facebook page. This is going to help you gain rank on the search engines, it will increase traffic and it’s going to get fans and consumers more interested in your sites. This needs to be done in several different areas around the Internet and although it’s time consuming it still needs to be done.

Updating the Facebook page on a daily basis is also going to take some time and effort, but it must be done to draw consumers in. Constant activity is required on Facebook so the company can be constantly in interaction with the current clients and also the new clients. This is going to mean adding pictures, creating daily posts, creating surveys for users, promoting contests or coupons and more. For a business to be successful whoever is in charge of the social media has to make sure that they are keeping up with messages and questions from users and fans, getting more fans and page likes and working on the page every day.

Who is driving your business Facebook page to success? Do you have someone who is constantly improving the page, posting in the forums to get people to your Facebook page and creating links all over the Internet? Do you have someone who is updating statuses regularly and interacting with the clientele and fans that are viewing your Facebook page? If not you need someone who is going to take the reins and who will start driving traffic into your site to increase your traffic and sales.

Using Facebook is a great way to improve your traffic and to get a lot of new customers interested in your site whether it’s local business or global business. Let the professionals drive traffic to  your site so you don’t have to worry about and sit back and let the traffic and sales start coming in. You could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of business opportunities everyday if you have someone who is incompetent or unable to make your Facebook page as functional as it needs to be. Instead use the professionals who are going to give you the structure and site performance that you need.

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