Creating Interest with Contests on Facebook

People love contests no matter what the prize may be. The thought of winning something, being the chosen winner, or beating out other people makes people excited and happy. Putting together a contest for your guests is going to get them to your Facebook page, exploring the information, heading to your company website and more. Depending on the type of contest that you have and how interested the fans are, this is a great way to navigate a bunch of traffic to your site. The first thing you have to do is decide what type of contest you want to have.

There are some great ways to get people interested in a contest, especially when you’re offering:

  • Cash
  • Prizes like gift cards and electronics
  • Free Services

People are always looking to make money, and if they know that they can get a free gift card or cash prize they will put effort into the contest. Gas cards and restaurant gift cards are great because everyone eats and most people drive.  Large electronic devices are always a huge hit, and if you can find a good sale on televisions, small computers or music players, new cell phones or other electronic devices you’re going to get your money back. Everyone is going to be compete ting to get these prices, going to the site and helping you gain more fans. For those who offer an affiliate program or offer some type of service, having free membership or service certificates is another way to get people excited.

There are a few different ways to set up the contests, and a few different contests that you can start. Some ways to get more fans is to have a contest for those invite the most friends, and for those who get the most friends to “Like” your Facebook page.  Having people get others to sign up for your website or newsletter, having a prize for the best post about your company, or for giving out prizes randomly throughout a period of time will have traffic bouncing around your site like crazy. Some catchy contests are:

  • The first 5 people to post about our fan page get….
  • When we hit 1000 fans we will give out a free ….
  • Get 5 people to sign up for our site first and get a ….

Things of that nature are going to catch your fans eyes.

Putting pictures of the large prize and posting about it, and creating a group is going to create interest for your Fan page and into your website. If you don’t have the time for this, and many business owners don’t, hiring us to manage your social media marketing duties is fast, affordable and easy. We will handle all of the work for you and all you have to do is enjoy all of the new fans that you have, and all of the business that you’re contest in generating. Contact us to learn more about your options today.

Author: Tonib

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