Coca Cola and Ford Motor Company Use Facebook, Why Aren’t You?

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that two of the largest companies on the planet, Coca Cola and the Ford Motor Company, have found advertising on Facebook to be beneficial to consumer interest and sales. If these two large fortune 100 companies are choosing to use Facebook as a way to advertise their products, why aren’t you using the social media site for your business or personal website?  If the best marketing firms in the country trust this social media outlet to help increase sales of powerful companies, take their advice and do the same.

With a Facebook or social media package you can start to increase interest in your website, you’ll generate a lot of leads, and you’re going to increase revenue. People of all ages are using this popular site, and not only to communicate with their friends. Facebook users are reading news articles, learning about what’s going on in the community, shopping, and searching the web all from the Facebook home page. Not only do you want to consider a social media package to help create a dynamic page that people flock to, but you’ll also want to consider paying for advertising through the site as well.

You can have custom made logos and banners that will display on the site when people in your area, or around the globe are searching for the different services that your website offers. This means your site gets exposure to the millions of users that Facebook has. When the users click on your customized logo, they’ll be taken to your interesting site. The cost of a business page on Facebook is free, but you want to do more. Investing in advertising space on the site is going to really increase your traffic and sales.

With our services you can easily get a package that is going to increase the quality of content on your webpage, making it more SEO friendly, and gaining it more popularity on the search engines. You can get a great Facebook page that is linked to other social media sites, and other sites as well. You’ll have links places all over the Internet to generate interest, and you’re going to create a brand for your business. With our custom logos and banners you can create advertisements to use on the Facebook network that no one else has. Your business site can easily stand out above the rest with great marketing packages.

You don’t have to pay the same amount of money the large companies do to see that Facebook and social media networking is profitable. You can use our affordable and customize services to get the exposure and traffic you need to your site. Let us help you today.

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